Last Updated

September 7th 2023

This document outlines the information that we collect and download and why we do so. We aim to make this document an exhaustive list and will maintain it as we make improvements and updates to our list. Though it's meant to be an exhaustive list, it may not cover all data being collected.

Xoba uses industry-standard security best practices. We do not store or download any of your files or documents on our servers. We do need full access to your cloud applications in order to search for all relevant files, text, and information, but Xoba will not read, store, or attempt to access that information outside of providing our service. The service and employees of Xoba do not have the ability to access your cloud accounts (e.g Gmail, Slack) to read or download your information.

Xoba leverages Oauth and other security best practices when connecting/authenticating your cloud application to Xoba. We store session tokens and IDs in order to provide our service. We will refresh those tokens on a regular basis to provide a better user experience. To learn more about our security practices, please refer to this page.


Access is done at the application (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Jira) level. If the user does not have access to the file (e.g. Google Drive file) in the application itself (e.g. Google Drive), they will not have access to it in Xoba. Xoba performs the same way as if you were emailing a Google Drive (or Dropbox) link to someone, but you never gave them access to it.

Xoba only accesses information stored in your applications when you load the Xoba web application or the Browser Extension. Unless you're actively using Xoba, Xoba is not accessing any information in your applications.

Information We Collect (For internal use)

In order to provide a better experience to all of our users, we collect basic usage statistics that we use internally at Xoba. This allows us to understand which features and capabilities are most relevant to our users and helps us learn what we should improve in the product. In the future, we may use this data to create better information discovery and search experience.

Xoba does not sell this data to 3rd parties. Only authorized Xoba employees to have access to this data. If you'd like your usage data deleted from our systems, please email [email protected].

In general, all the information we collect is tied to a specific user and contains a timestamp.

Usage data we collect: